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European Rolling Shutters 

Insulated allumium slats, that reduce cooling and heating costs, they roll out of the way for complete use of the window or all the way down to protect you from the elements. Putting you in control.


About Us

As a leading provider of European Rolling Shutters, Solar Sunscreens and Retractable Awnings we take pride in offering the best shading and security solutions for windows, door, skylights and sun rooms. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Pioneer Roll Shutter Co. has been providing shading and security solutions since 1981. Our products are fabricated locally and custom built to fit your project. We specialize in passive energy control for windows, doors, skylights and sun rooms with patented products.

Heinz Moessner, the founder and inventor, designed a shutter system, that would travel horizontally, to cover skylights and sun rooms. This expanded the control of light and heat a homeowner allowed into the home. This reduces cooling and heating costs and increases the quality of living in a home. 

Reiner Moessner took over in 2013 and is committed to continue to produce the quality products that has made Pioneer Roll Shutter what it is today. Heinz taught him that challenges may arise, with years of experience and outside of the box thinking we are able to provide unique solutions to unusual situations.

If your project is one window, a challenging set of skylights, or a sun room we look forward to work with you to find a solution to your problem areas and put you in control of the elements. A job is never too big or small. Give us a call to begin the transition from a house to a home.